Baroque Cycle Chronology
c. 1630 Enoch Root arrives in Leipzig from Bohemia “driven there one presumes by the fortunes of what we now call the Thirty Years' War”. He begins to tutor the three sons of von Hacklheber in exchange for the story that he is a relative named Egon von Hacklheber.
1652 Enoch Root as Egon von Hacklheber convinces Leibniz's mother that young Gottfried be allowed to use his dead father's library. Enoch departs on a journey expected to take several months and as far as England. On the road to Harz Mountains he fakes his death (“waylaid by robbers”) by planting a skelleton in his cloak.
1655 Enoch Root sees a young Isaac Newton engage in a school yard fight
1661 Daniel Waterhouse a student at Cambridge with Newton, witnesses the murder of a Puritan by aristocrats
1663 Daniel roommate with Newton
1664 Daniel & Newton still at Cambridge
1665 Daniel & Newton students
Summer | The Plague & Daniel's errand into the City
Daniel at Epsom with the Royal Society
Jack Shaftoe a child in London; begins with brother Bob to earn money by hanging off the legs of hanged men
1666 The Great Fire
1670 Enoch Root in London to demonstrate Phosphorous
12 Aug | Report of the Royal Society
1672 Daniel in London
1673 Daniel meets Leibniz in London
Begins a relationship with the actress Tess
1683 Jack at the siege of Vienna; meets Eliza, begins to travel westward with her to Holland
September | Traveling with Eliza into German territories; Winters by the hot springs
1684 April |
Late April | Saxony: Jack traveling with Eliza into German territories; encounters Enoch Root in Bockboden; Walpugisnacht: Jack escapes from the Pagans
Summer - into Amsterdam
Jack in Paris living in a garret
1685 February | Jack & Eliza in The Hague; Charles II dies; Daniel a doctor of the Royal Society; Jack working as a messenger
April | Eliza & Monmouth
Spring | Jack arrested, confronted by Churchill;
Daniel discusses Newton's activity in 1677 in a coffee-house;
June | Bob Shaftoe sees his brother and goes to England in anticipation of Monmouth's rebellion; Jack taken by Barbary pirates;
July | Eliza at Versailles, begins correspondence: [12 July: Eliza to d'Avaux]; [4 Aug: Eliza to Leibniz]; [1 Sept: Eliza to d'Avaux]; [12 Sept: Eliza to Leibniz]; [25 Sept: Eliza to d'Avaux]; [29 Sept: Eliza to Leibniz];
October | Eliza on beach with William of Orange; meets Bob Shaftoe; on walk back to Huygens' Bob tells of his encounter with his brother Jack in June
1686 The Exchange play chapter
1687 March | Eliza letter to d'Avaux
June | Eliza letter to d'Avaux
August | Eliza to Leibniz
October | Eliza letter to Leibniz
December | Daniel in Netherlands, meets Fazio. Fazio along with Eliza thwart the conspiracy to kidnap William from the beach. Enoch present.
1688 3 Feb | Eliza's letter to Leibniz
April | Daniel threatened by Judge Jeffrey's. Has a bladder stone. July | Eliza letter to d'Avaux
August-September | Daniel imprisoned in The Tower: remains under threat from Judge Jeffreys. Encounters Sgt. Bob Shaftoe of the Kings Black Torrent Guards
Eliza makes it from France to Netherlands encoding a journal in cross-stitch: entries: [16 Aug], [17 Aug], [20 Aug], [25 Aug], [28 Aug], [30 Aug], [02 Sept], [05 Sept], [07 Sept], [08 Sept], [10 Sept], [12 Sept], [13 Sept], [xx Sept], [xx Sept]
17 Sept | Letter from d'Avaux to Rossignol
21 Nov | Letter from Rossignol to Louix XIV containing Eliza's decoded diary
11 Dec | The Glorious Revolution; Daniel sees James II in a tavern; later encounters Enoch Root at the Alchemical HQ at Charing Cross and confronts him as to his nature
1689 27 June | Eliza gives birth to her son, who is the child of Rossignol the cryptoologist
July | Leibniz in Venice: writes to Eliza
August | The Hague
Eliza replies
6 September | Sgt. Bob Shaftoe has been posted to Ireland, and steal correspondence from d'Avaux, which he mails to Eliza in Dunkirk. October | Daniel has his bladder stone removed by Hooke
Jack is in Algiers, recovered from his pox-induced insanity
21 October | Eliza receives a visit from Rossignol
December | The Confusion
1690 (The Confusion)
1691 (The Confusion)
1692 (The Confusion)
1694 (The Confusion)
1696 (The Confusion)
1697 (The Confusion)
1700 (The Confusion)
1701 (The Confusion)
1702 (The Confusion)
1713 12 October | Enoch Root in Boston to seek out Daniel; meets a young Ben Franklin
November | Daniel en route to England, still hugging the New England Coast: a battle with pirate Blackbeard
1714 The events recounted in The System of the World

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