Cyrptonomicon Chronology
1936-38 Alan Turing in Princeton: meets Lawrance Waterhouse. Has a relationship with Rudy von Hacklheber
1937 6 May | While camping with Alan Turing, Lawrence W witness the Hindenburg disaster
1940 • Lawrence posted to Pearl Harbour
December | Bobby Shaftoe writes his first haiku
1941 28 November | Boby Shaftoe in Shanghai
7 December | Shaftoe posted to Manila; Waterhouse at Pearl Harbour
1942 • (early) | Waterhouse begins work in the cryptanalysis dept
Aug | Shaftoe at Guadalcanal; encounters Enoch Root
Autumn | Shaftoe reassigned to Washington
November | Operation Torch in Algiers: Bob Shaftoe present: encounters Lt. Enoch Root
1943 • Waterhouse at Qwlghm on mission of distraction. Suggests Dpt 2702 conduct a false-flag opp. by running a ship aground in Norway. Mission procedes
April | Admiral Yamamoto is shot down while on tour in the South Pacific. Lawrence Waterhouse returns to Bletchley Park from Qwlghm
Spring | Enoch & Bobby are taken capture by a U-Boat commanded by Captain Gunter Bischoff; the nature of the mission makes the U-Boat a target of the Nazis, so Shaftoe suggests they shelter in neutral Sweden
October | Lawrence Waterhouse has been sent to Brisbane Australia
• Enoch Root, Bobby Shaftoe and Captain Bischoff are in Norrsbruck Sweden and have been since June.
• Rudy von Haacklheber travels to Sweden to meet with his Italian test-pilot lover Angelo. This is known by Enoch who has been in communication with Rudy. The test-pilot crashes his plane and dies.
(Nov/Dec) | Cpt Bischoff, Root, Rudy, and Shaftoe enter into a conspiracy against the U-Boat treasure ships of Goring. Bichoff takes command of a new submarine. • Enoch Root is seriously wounded in a Nazi ambush and presumed dead. Prior to death Root marries Julieta (a lover he shared with Shaftoe) so that she can use his British passport to leave Sweden and settle elsewhere.

1990 1 March | Domain name is registered
c. 1997 Randal (Randy) Waterhouse travels to Manila
1998 18 November | Last update to DNS record of
2001 ? First business plan of Epiphyte Corp (2)
2002 ? • Randy in Kinakuta
21 March | Phone message "Thursday March 21st": Randy calls John Cantrell and hears this in the phone message. [The only Thursday March 21st after 1998 is in 2002] • Randy begins an email correspondence with '' which lasts for several weeks/months
• Randy, Douglas McArthur Shaftoe and his daughter Amy ("America") Shaftoe go on an expedition to the jungle to find ten tons of gold bars. Randy writes about this on a flight to California

Dramatis Personae

Comstock, Earl
Cold War policy guy; in 1979 fell from a ski lift and broke his arms

Comstock, Paul
Attorney General in the 90s. Son of Earl

Hacklheber, Rudy von
Lover of Turing during their time at Princeton; works as a cryptographer for the Nazis during the war

Kivisik, EGB
Randy's ex-girlfriend Charlene moves in with him at Yale. He is the son of either Enoch Root or Bobby Shaftoe by Julieta Kivitik, their mutual Finnish lover while they were sheltering in Sweden.

Root, Enoch
Ageless alchemist of the 17th Century working as a cryptographer and priest in the 20th Century. During World War is part of Department 2702; seemingly is killed at the end of the sojurn in Sweden. Next he is working from 1949-1960 for the NSA. Begins corresponding with Randy Waterhouse in the 1990s during the time Randy is setting up Epiphyte.

Shaftoe, America "Amy"
daughter of Douglas McArthur, granddaughter of Bobby

Shaftoe, Bobby
Marine; part of Department 2702

Shaftoe, Douglas McArthur
Vietnam vet. Pushed Earl Comstock from the ski lift; works as a shipper and salvager in the Philippines. Son of Bobby and Glory Altamira, who got leprosy shortly after Douglas was born.

Waterhouse, Lawrence Pritchard
Posted to Bletchley Park, knew Turing, witness to Hindenberg and Pearl Harbour. Lawrence maries Mary Cmdh from Qwlgm.

Waterhouse, Randy
Grandson of Lawrence

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