Blue Remembered Earth

Jonathan Beza born

¶ The Snows of Kilimanjaro have melted away
20 Jan Eunice born

Soya and Eunice move to the ‘Resource and Relocation Assistance Facility’ from Dar es Salaam

The Water Thief Eunice and her mother Soya are living in an African Resource & Relocation facility. Soya works as a virtual temp, operating peripheral drones. She is offered the following jobs:

¶ Accident on the Japanese orbital power station when an Indian tug crashes into it

By 2042
¶ America, Russian, China, India, and Africa have presences on the Moon. There are a few thousand people.
¶ The Japanese are building orbital power satellites, destined to supply power to coastal desalination plants
¶ Medical robots referred to as 'mantises': spindly, too many limbed things • Sarahan solar mirror project is underway
¶ There is a tunnel project underway in the Tasman Straits • There are Antarctic construction projects

Eunice grows up with the last wars ever fought on Earth.

20 Jan Eunice receives her copy of Gulliver's Travels from her parents

Tensions between the Indians and the Chinese

¶ Eunice crash lands at Lunar Pythogoras crater
¶ A patch a little north of Djibouti is the first grid fed by the Energy Belt to go online

2060 c.
At approximately this time, Eunice finds the fragments from Phobos indicative of alien intelligence and pointing to higher order physics.

¶ Memphis born
¶ June Wing born
¶ Toumani Diabete makes a recording at age 97

Memphis witnesses one of the last wars in Africa

By this time there are advanced artilects/artifical inteligences.
"Military grade, more than 80 years old [2162] fully Turing complient, the kind the Cognition Police were set up to pulverize."

Eunice walks on Pavonis Mons, while pregnant for Miriam

Reykavik hosts the Summer Olympics

¶ Jonathan Beza uses an accident to fake his death and disappear, retiring to Mars. Speaking in 2162, he says, "The Mech was so primitive back then we didn't even call it Mech. The few implants I carried ..."
¶ Eunice is last on Phobos, for Jonathan's funeral

Eunice donates her Gulliver's Travels to the Akinya archive

It is believed that Eunice began her Lunar exile, after returning from deep space, although it is later believed that she left the solar system on a space-faring ship

Soya Beza born to Jonathan and Lizbet

Sunday born
¶ Eunice (or someone working on her behalf) places the glove in the safety deposit box

Geoffrey born

Jitendra born

Lizbet Beza dies

By the 2160s
¶ there is a city on Mars called Robinson Crusoe
¶ there is a movement called the Panspermian Initiative ("the Pans") begun by Lei Wi, a childhood friend of Eunice Akinya
¶ the Chinese have cordial relations with the Pans
¶ there is a space elevator situated at Libreville, Africa
¶ Mali, Chad, Niger exist in abstract and technical terms; their borders still recorded, GDPs tracked, although no one lives in them, except a skeleton staff of African Union caretakers and industrialists
¶ there is an energy belt consisting of solar collectors, photo-voltaic cells, solar toward fed by sun-tracking mirrors, stretching from Middle East, across the Atlantic to the southern US, feeding energy into Scandinavia, Greenland, Patagonia, and Western Antarctica
¶ an Indian woman named Chakrabarty began to carve the Phobos monolith in the mid 21st Century, and it was later completed by successive colonists. The resulting work is known as Chakra's Folly
¶ Retinal implants allow for interaction with global augmented reality
¶ there are Cognition Police who regulate robotics
¶ medical science (via "neuropractors") can bring someone back from the dead
¶ the Mandatory Enhancements are supposed to weed out the worst criminal tendencies from developing minds before they reach adolescence
¶ elegant, hyper-efficient wind-driven cyberclippers now move 9/10ths of the world's global freight

Dec OCULAR (Oort Cloud Ultra Large Array) images an Earth-like planet, 61 Virginis f, named Crucible
23 Dec word reaches the Akinya household that Eunice had died

News Cycle, December 2161
¶ a simmering sex/vote rigging scandal in Pan-African Parliament
¶ a dispute between East African Federation and African Union about cost overuns on a groundwater bioremediation program in former Uganda
¶ a stand-off between Chinese tecto-engineers and Turkish government mandarins concerning precise scheduling of a stress-management earthquake along the North Anatolian Fault
¶ Globally, continued tensions between the United Surface Nations and the United Aquatic Nations regarding extradition rules and extent of augmented access rights and inter-regional Mechanism jurisdiction
¶ Talk of expanding the scope of the Manadatory Enhancements
¶ A murder attempt in Finland
¶ Threat of industrial action at the Pontianak Space Elevator in western Borneo
¶ Someone in Tasmania dying of a very rare type of cancer


29 Jan the scattering of Eunice's ashes
4 Feb Geoffrey arrives on the Moon
12 Feb Geoffrey returns from the Moon via the Libreville anchorpoint
20 Feb Akinya Space had submited a request to United Orbital Nations Circumlunar Space Traffic Administration to dispose of the Winter Palace. The request is granted.
March Sunday arrives at Mars after a one month journey.
13 Mar Sunday lands on Mars.
¶ While on Mars Sunday is given a charm that once belonged to Eunice, who had gotten it from her mother.
19 Mar – 23 Apr Sunday returns to Earth orbit from Mars
Early May After a seven week journey, Geoffrey et al return from the outer solar system

News Cycle, February & March 2162
¶ the Yuan had faltered against the Euro, but not badly
¶ an adult tiger captured in Uttar Pradesh and found to not be instrumented led to a panic that apex predators might yet roam beyond Mechanism control
¶ In the Caspian Sea, a tourist boat had capsized and two died
¶ In Riga, the living heirs of a proud artistic linage claimed the Mandatory Enhancements had robbed them of the creative skillset that should have been their birthright
¶ A ceremony attended the bulldozing of the world's last place of incarceration, a maximum security prison near Guadalajara
¶ A golden period Stradivarius had been destroyed in a freak shipping acident
¶ A lost Vermeeer had turned up in someone's attic in Naples
¶ A match-fixing scandal surrounding the latest cricket-tournament on the Moon
¶ An outbreak of the common cold in the Synchronous Communities
¶ A pop-star was pregnant
¶ A pop-star had broken up with his clone

Sunday makes the psycho-reactive grafiti that is viewed by her grandson Kanu in the Lisbon exhibition of 2640.

The Epilogue • The Akinyas have gone public with their discoveries and developments.

On the Steel Breeze

2215 c.
Chiku undergoes the procedure to have herself cloned twice.

Chiku Red leaves on the Memphis to rendez-vous with Eunice's Winter Queen, which left the solar system in 2101.

Sunday & Jitendra move from the Moon's Descrutinized Zone.

Chiku Green sends her memory package back to Earth for Chiku Yellow. It arrives seveteen years later as the holoships were 17 light-years away. Later this year she enters a 40 year skip-over stasis.

The Pans find Memphis containing the cyrogenically preserved Chiku Red.

The Pans return Memphis to Earth

Chiku begins relationship with Pedro.

June Wing finds the Venusian Russian Probe

¶ Chiku Yellow meet Mercufi the Merman in Lisbon
¶ Chiku travels to Venus to meet with June Wing at the request of Mercufi.
June Wing is killed in an accident orchestrated by Arethusa.
¶ Chiku travels to Saturn to deal with June Wing's estate, and then travels back to Earth.
¶ On a visit to the Akinya homestead in Africa, Chiku's partner Pedro is killed by Arethusa, and Chiku nearly so.

¶ Nicolas, a friend of Pedro's, visits Chiku in Lisbon.
Oct Sunday and Jitendra come to visit Chiku Yellow in Lisbon.
Dec Sunday Akinya dies on the Moon after returning from her Earth visit.

After five years of listlessness, Mecufi visits Chiku, informing her that Chiku Red had been revived.

Chiku Green comes out of skip-over stasis

Chiku Green leaves Zanzibar on the Icebreaker and enters skip-over sleep.

Mecufi dies. Kanu now visits Chiku Yellow and Chiku Red regularly

Estimated arrival time for the Crucible ships. News expected to arrive at Earth around 2463.

Poseidon’s Wake On Crucible, Ndege accidentaly activates a response from the Mandela which destroys the orbiting holoship Zanzibar containing the Tantors. She is prosecuted and sentenced to a life-time of house-arrest.

¶ Chiku Yelow is using an exo-skelleton prosthetic due to her extreme age. In the last five years (since 2458) she'd had difficulty walking without one, and only in the last year it had become rare for her to go out without it.
~Mar "On a cold clear day in late winter", Chiku Yellow and Chiku Red confront Archane haunting the Mechanism and break the mote bequeathed to Chiku Yellow by Mercufi in 2415. This mote initiates a series of cascade failures that brings down the Mechanism and the Aug. Chiku Yellow dies in the incident.

2463 < ∞
The Prologue. People have begun to think of gods and ghosts again. Chiku Red survives and teaches people languages.

Poseidon's Wake

¶ On Crucible, Goma speaks with Ndege about the arrival of the signal from Gliese 163. The plan to travel to the star is set in motion.

¶ Kanu Akinya is an ambassdor to the AIs of Mars’ Evolvarium. He is killed in an a terrorist incident when a spaceship crashes on the surface. He is resurected by the Machine's and made an agent of theirs, initially unbenowknst to him.

After his recovery, Kanu travels to Earth, and visits his colleague's family in India, before travelling to Lisbon, to see an exihibition of his grandmother Sunday Akinya's artwork. While there he runs into his ex-wife Nissa Mbaye, and soon begins travelling with, enventually travelling to Europa. While on Europa he recovers an Akinya-family built ship and travels to Gliese 163, accompanied by Nissa, placed on the ship by the Europan Margrave.